Right from the inception of our organization, it has been my premium aim to build a totally professional recruitment company whose trademark would be trust, reliability, sincerity, transparency and friendliness. We have achieved this with sheer hard work and a dedication to match. We have improvised ourselves with innovative ideas, incentives for the employer and the employee and kept together a well knit professional managed staff like one large family. With the growing awareness of India as an extremely rich country in efficient job capabilities, Charishma has emerged over the last 25years, as one of the finest Recruitment Management Company in India. We strive now to further achieve a higher rate of success in this field hence we are not resting on our laurels but are setting ourselves larger goals. Because, at Charishma we believe that: “in the final analysis, your only competition is yourself!” And we know that all this has been possible only with the help of our esteemed clients and principals and hence we take this opportunity to thank everyone in helping us reach this far.

Current Vacancies

CSSD Technicians

No.of Vacancies: 10

Salaray: 15000-20000

Location: Saudi Arabia


No.of Vacancies: 3

Salaray: 19000-30000

Location: Dubai


No.of Vacancies: 10

Salaray: 12000-50000

Location: Qatar

Staff Nurses

No.of Vacancies: 20

Salaray: 25000-40000

Location: Saudi Arabia


No.of Vacancies: 2

Salaray: 28000-45000

Location: Oman

Medical Laboratory Technologist

No.of Vacancies: 10

Salaray: 15000-60000

Location: Saudi Arabia

Industry We Serve



Oil & Gas


Hotel & Hospitality


Commercial & Retailing

Engineering & Project